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  • Dixi Burnett

Every sign has a story..

There are LOTS of reasons why I think people should invest in yard greetings...

But if you were to ask me today to give you ONE reason for why you should order a bunch of plastic signs for your loved one’s yard, I would tell you a story about a man that I have NEVER met.

This is Clyde.

Now, I don’t know Clyde personally, but I DO know his Sign Gypsies story.

His story starts on October 4th, 1941 when Clyde married the love of his life, Jimmie Doris.

Clyde and his lovely bride spent many years creating an enormous family full of love.

Their marriage spanned decade after decade and their relationship with each other proved to be a wonderful inspiration of what true love is.

Fast forward to October 4, 2017. Clyde and his darling wife got an opportunity that not many spouses get to have with each other... they got to celebrate their 76th wedding anniversary!

Their thoughtful daughter decided to surprise this deserving couple with a Sign Gypsies yard greeting that read:

“Congrats on 76 years! We love you!”

While it was a memorable event for everyone in their immediate family, the signs proved to be even more memorable because they became a beacon of hope for others across the country as lots of other Sign Gypsies affiliates (we have over 250!) shared this amazing marriage achievement with others from coast to coast! 

Sadly, a month after this joyful celebration, Clyde and Jimmie’s incredible love story took a heart breaking detour. On November 7, 2017, Clyde’s beautiful bride of 76 years passed away. This must have been an absolutely devastating loss for the whole family, but especially for Clyde.

He had to say goodbye to his lover, his wife, and his best friend of almost 8 decades.

Again, I don’t know Clyde personally, but I think it’s safe to assume that ever since last November there have been many days marked with a lot of tears, sadness, and utter loneliness for this widowed man who had spent his entire life dedicated to loving his bride. 

But this story doesn't have a sad ending. Remember that photo I showed you of Clyde at the very beginning of this story? You know that picture of the sweetest gentleman holding two thumbs up and grinning from ear to ear? Well that picture was taken yesterday, February 14th, 2018.

Why would Clyde be smiling on his first Valentine's Day in 76 years without his forever valentine?

Because Clyde’s daughter, knowing he would wake up alone, decided to put up another ‘Sign Gypsies’ yard greeting in the same exact yard that held that joyful 76th anniversary sign just a few months ago.

This time the greeting said “LOVED BY AN ANGEL.” 

Those 14 simple letters displayed in his yard, gave Clyde a huge reason to celebrate this Valentine’s day even if he couldn’t be with his beloved wife. It put an unforgettable smile on his face. (And a lot of tears on mine.)

Clyde’s story is one of thousands of unique stories that our signs get to be a part of around our communities, and we are incredibly honored to be a part of each and every one. 

What story can we help YOU write today with a yard greeting!?! 

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